We design and build modern & traditional landscape architecture that fits your home and your lifestyle.  Landscaping since 1999, we create outdoor spaces and pools that are award-winning and beautiful.

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Our Mission:

We create our client's landscape environment with the best possible design, installation and service. Our goal is to hear our client's needs and desires, as we create a landscape that is a right for the home, has a timeless sense of style, and is respectful of the environment.

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Our Philosophy:

Every person benefits from an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious landscape that connects us to Nature and Art through the combined creation of client, landscapers, and Nature. We believe every person is uniquely talented and has a creative force within that we help to express.

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People We Work With :

We value the contribution of every single person involved in our projects. We treat everyone with the same respect and concern as we want for ourselves. All workers together - from owner, to designer, to shovel operator - is a valued and equal member of our workforce who is essential to the creation of exceptional works of landscape art.

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Our Clients:

We thank our clients for the opportunity to serve them and for their making it possible to do work that we love doing. We serve them with gratitude and joy, hoping our shared creation enriches their lives as much as the work they provide us enriches our own.

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Our Commitment to the Environment:

Our company strives to protect, enhance and serve our environment through environmentally conscious practices. We continue to educate ourselves and adapt methods to our designs to accomplish this. We enjoy using native and adapted plants, promoting the collection and use of rainwater, following time-honored systems of natural, organic fertilizers and mulches, and creating organic growing beds for self-grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Robert Leeper Landscapes

Robert Leeper Landscapes was started in 1999, after working with some of the best Austin nurseries and landscape providers. With a degree in Landscape Architecture from LSU - which is consistently rated as one of the best in the nation - Robert set out for Austin, Texas. Through continuous education and reading, travels to various countries and cities, and a love of nature and design, Robert grows his passion for the built and natural environment. Below is his resume and a list of honors and awards.

Contact Us

Please contact us by email at robertleeper7@yahoo.com

You can also reach us to schedule an initial consultation or ask a question by calling 512.751.4642

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